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December 14th
[ mood | crazy ]

I loved you, you made me, hate me. You gave me, hate, see?. It saved me and these tears are deadly.
You feel that? I rip back, everytime you tried to steal that.You feel bad? you feel sad? Im sorry,
hell no fuck that! It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife. This strife
it dies, this life and these lies. And these lungs have sung this song for too long, and its true I
hurt too, remember I loved you!

(Chorus) Tha Producer aka Da Seducer:

I've , Lost it all, fell today,It's all the same
I'm sorry oh
I'm sorry no

I've , been abused, I feel so used, because of you
I'm sorry oh
I'm sorry no

J-Dog aka The Flat Iron Chef:

I wish I could I could have quit you. I wish I never missed you, And told you that I loved you, every
time I Fucked you. The future that we both drew, and all the shit we've been through. Obssed with the
thought of you, the pain just grew and grew! How could you do this to me? Look at what I made for you,
it never was enough and the world is what I gave to you. I used to be love struck, now I'm just fucked
up. Pull up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts!


(Bridge) Tha Producer and Shady

Seems like all we had is over now you left to rest.

And your tears are dried up now, you just lay without a sound.

Seems like all we had is over now, you left to rest.

And my fears are over now, I can leave with my head down.


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December 6th
[ mood | content ]

sincerely..i've been going through lots of tough things right now.

didn't really want to update.
wasn't really feelinggg it.

yeah.i love you.

(( Don't You... Forget About Me.))

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October 16th
"you were the one person who I grew to trust more than almost any other person, you were the one person I could talk to about anything and feel completely comfortable, you were the one who could brighten my entire day by just calling or saying hi to me on the computer, you were like my best friend, but that's in the past. I know why it happened and I've accepted it, but then again it's harder than hell to actually accept it. I still think about it constantly and I still feel like something is missing, but that something was you and everything about you, every stupid joke, every song that reminded me of you, and still does, all the stupid things that we said or did, just everything, and I guess that's what makes it so much harder. I want it to be like it used to before everything happened, where you were still the person I could talk to and you would always listen, you always seemed like you wanted to talk to me, but maybe that was what I hoped. I just want to be able to talk to you like before, but then again I don't know how, how do you talk to someone who still means a lot to you like nothing ever happened, how do you suffocate how you feel just to make someone else happy, and pretend that you don't care, when really every little thing hurts more than anything else because it's missed so much. you made me feel like something special, and you made my heart beat faster than it has ever before, but once again, that's gone.

I don't know what I want because so many things are going through my head and I'm just trying to figure everything out, but I do miss you, and what we were.

so that's how I feel."

^^ True that.
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October 9th
I'm not writing in this thing anymore.

It depresses me.

Go to my myspace.

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October 2nd
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September 24th
Yeah so Kyles big 16 was on thursday.
I went to his house and woke him up at 6:30
in the morning, jumped on him,
said happy birthday.
Ahh I love that kidd.
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September 20th
Ehh fucking a.

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September 19th
Yepp so friday wasn't exactly the best day of my life.
Well it was pretty good till about right before lunch.
Having everyone come up to me and say that i'm gonna get
the shit kicked out me is really fucking cool.
I love how people do that.
Drama Drama Drama.
Whatev. I'm sick of it.
Later that night was the Lhs Game.
We painted out stomachs.
Go Lhs. and Blue Devils.
Sparkles in the hair.Braids.
With ribbons.
They won.
It rained that night.
Soaking wet and cold.
After me katie joy and danielle
walked to friendly's with everyone.
Then we went to Kyles.
We changed into kyles pajamas and
out of our wet clothes. Ha.
Hung out. Went home.
I wore them home.

Danielle slept over.
Canobie was cancelled for rain.
We got dippin in the morning.
Later me danielle and
my dad went to Solomon.
Went shopping.
Came home got burger king.
Sweet night.

Yesterday was effing locobazooka.
it was soo sweet.
ahh soo many people went.
Kyle Danielle Matt Matt Matt Tucker
Evan Darren Shannon Adge Steff
Lauryn Amber Brett Ryan Bob Brittany
Kady Mike Joey Jen Alan Chris Nico Mark Ben
and of course my brother.
haha. we got the shit kicked out of us last night.
it was sooo worth it. ahh i love it.
we saw
-smile empty soul
-dropkick murphys
-ill nino
awh my favorites.

Today i stayed home from school.
It ends up i have poison ivy all over my face. haha
Yeahh pretty sweet.
I went out for breakfast this morning.
It was good.

School sucks.
Don't want to go back.

♥ K.S.F.T.

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September 11th

Me and My GURLS...are what keeps ME goingCollapse )

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September 7th

School Sucks.
Small Schools is even worse.
I never see anyone anymore.

Sarah happened to come to Leominster.
I had no idea.
Typical shit.

Belton is back.
I'm excited.

Sterling fair on Saturday.
Danielle and Belton.
Were finally together,

He makes me Laugh so hard.
Sarcasm talks are the funniest.

Locobazooka the 18th.
Canobie Lake Park the 17th.

"Stephanie's Special."

Calling Darren mama and cupcake
in a matter of 2 seconds...
Rocks my World. Haa.

School's suck at telling you
the day that pictures are.

School literally just is horrible.

I'm a rock star.
Proud of it.
and you know it.

Heidi rocks the models.
I love sk8er bois.
Life isn't sweeter than
that right there.

Becky wants to play twister
on me. Pretty cute.

My birthday.
Oh do i have memories.

I really feel like i haven't
hung out with anyone in
so long. literally.
Like summer is over.
and i devoted my whole summer
to kyle and danielle.
yess. that bout it.
an occassional beach day
here and there.
canada for a week.
camping for a week.
but nothing really else.
I love them both to death.
But, i feel left out
with all the fun.

ahh. summer 05' is gone.
im counting down for 06'.
let's make it good.

♥ XxoLovve.xo
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August 27th

Movies last night
with my fave people.
Matt Darren Katie
Danielle Alex Alex Diggy
Wendy's after.
It was funn.
I needed it.

so yeah
the system of a down concert
is tonight
can't fuckiiing ass wait.


2 dayys.
celebration time.


4 dayys
till school.




-What's the point??
I'm not even sure about
the things that I want nemorre.
I need to effin
make up my mind
before it's too late.


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August 25th
Yeah soo lately..like the past five or so days..i've really just been doing nothing with my life but hanging out with katie for a few hours and then have her leave. I've been sitting on my ass doing nothing atall.
It was funn while it lasted but this weekend should be the shit.
Not like hanging out with katie this week wasn't fun or nething but idk. I still love her though.

Saturday is the System of a down concert with Shannon and Lauryn can't fucking wait.
Sunday maybe shabooms with the gurls..not sure yet tho
Monday is my fucking birthday bitches haha..counting down four more days to goo.and it should be sweet because i really need to celebrate this one good.hha.

♥ you know you Lovve it.
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August 21st
Counting down 8 more dayyyyysss!!!


♥ bitches.
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August 19th

Canada picsCollapse )

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August 18th
Canada..Here's an overview
1. If you'd like to annoy people..slurp your coffee.
2. Looking for marshmallows is hard..but, just look for the yellow.
3. Shopping cart gatherers are hott.
4. Canadian malls don't have bathrooms.
5. Pizza Delight is yummy.
6. "I have my drunk ass point guard on daddy's little princess.... Actualy I was on the bottom coach"
7. " I love how people STARE. Just pointing out the obvious!!"
8. Don't get parranoid when driving to the laundry place.
9. Making animal faces is the shit.
10. You can't find fire wood anywhere.
11. Bonfires don't start as easily as you think.
12. " What's going on?. uhh i don't speak french."
13. Oh hell no.. that canadian guy in that speedo did not just take a picture of us.
14. Tim Hortons = Dunkin Donuts. Ahh tastes so good.
15. Fried food makes you fat.
16. The steep stairs at Captain Dan's.
17. Canada has hott bracelets. I'm in Love.
18. We almost died in a car accident.
19. Danielle gets hyper around boys and when playing cards. Love you girl.
20. Samoset shirts are SO the way to go.
21. Dancing in the car.
22. We love Huge Lobsters yo.
23. Canadian subway restaurants smell like shit.
24. Don Cherry's is a yummy hot spot.. they have hockey players all over the place.
25. Garage.. = New Love.
26. Danielle makes me laugh too hard.. i literally almost pee my pants.
27. Missing YOU.. wasn't too bad. Even though it gets annoying with the phone calls. ;o) lol
28. Water Dispensers have scary bubble effects.
29. "Yeah, we live in M-A-S-S-achusetts.From the UUnited StAAAtes....Oh yeah i've been there.-((Blushing face))"
30. Rainbow Valley.. Here we come.
31.Everybody stares.
32. I have a gymnasts body.? yeahh girl.
33. Hey Ya'll wanna come see something? uhuh uhuh can't touch can i get a hand clap? from the way i work my back. tick tock all around the clock drop it push ya tush like that can i get a suee? can i get a yeehaw.? noo you can't bitchhh.
34. It's a ripoff when giant giraffe statues cost 40 bucks. 120 too.
35. Hiking is for Loooosers.
36. Make sure that when you stop at wendy's you have a cupholder available. Feet don't work. Your drink spills.
37. Duckie shorts are addiction.
38. Everybody stares.. more.
39. That kid looks like Brett Johnson.. ooh he's hott.
40. " That old guy was looking at you. ((yell, while the guy is next to you))EW!!" (( Walk away))
41. Always make sure the stall that you pick to go pee in canada has toilet paper.. we don't need to get passed some. Were too good for that. ;o)
42. Santa Monica.
43. Canadian ketchup tastes better than American ketchup.. Heyy! they stole my idea.
44. Don't ever let guys take pictures of you at the beach.. including when there like 40.
45. Camera Whoreing is fun.
I'll update with pictures later.
We went from August 6th to the 13th.
Yesterday my aunts and uncles went to the beach.
I haven't seen most of them in a while.
Ahh sleeping on the beach.. and just relaxing is the best.
Later i went minigolfing with aton of people.
Went with Katie.
I love her.
Theory of a deadman- Santa Monica.
Best song ever. It's my new favorite.
So don't take it bitches.
Missing him for than ever.. Steph
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August 5th
Going to Canada with Danielle and her family tomarow till Saturday the 13th..

leave some comments whores.

pce out leominster.

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August 3rd

We Like To Have FunCollapse )

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August 3rd
Yeah so yesterday i just had to vent.

Danielle came over yesterday.
We hung out bored for a little while.
Then we decided to go get some icecream at friendly's.
So we started to walk back home..
my dad picked us up half way.
At 9:30 we walked down to Joy's house
and hung out with her Katie and her cousin Max.
We watched real world and the 70's house.
We walked home at like 11.
Hung out.

Today is Adrianne's Birthday!!
Happy birthday babeyy!!

Her parties tonight.
woo.. should be funn.

♥ Comment bitches.
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July 29th
Camping was good.

i met 7 new kids.
they are the shit.. and idk how im gonna live without emm.
i spent 6 days with them.. morning to night.
love emm to death.

i really needed that vacation.
thought about alot of stuff.
and it's good to be back home.
missed lots..
but sometimes i feel like i just want to leave again.
because who cares anymore.

i seriously haven't hung out with like ne one this summer.
yeah a few people.
but who else.
i hate when people say
oh ill call you over the summer.. we never hang out.
---yeah we never hang out.. bcuz you don't call.
haha yeahh thats how it's going.

goodbye and goodnight shuga.
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July 23rd
summer = love

the past few days i've had really good conversations with a few known people.
awhh i love emm.

packing tonight.. then babysitting.
tomarow off to campiinngg.
i've decided it shall be the SHIT.
i'm actually now looking forward to it.. because im not confused ne more. and i got a few things in my head.. straightened out?? i should say? yeah.

im going to miss everyone sooo ahhh call me bitches while im away
(( if you don't know the digits.. then get them from someone else. but heres a hint. its my same number as its always ben.))
(( if i don't pick upp, then i don't have service.))

hung out with my gorgeous katie today.. ahh i love this chik. i haven't hung out with her and in a while, well when its just us. we took awesome photos. and ate pizza.. later joy and her cousin max ((cuttiiieee!!)). came to visit.. and we hung out for about 30 minutes. it was great.then i walked home.

atleast i got to see my favorite chikkass ((Katie and Joy..mann i've known them forever)) before i left for camping.
man i miss the good old mackers dayys.
when we'd go to someones house everyday.. just for macaroni? haha yeah we were the shit. we were so cool.. and u know it ;o)

my brothers here too!! hes coming with us.. ahh i miss that lil shithead. i never really see him ne more. it's good to have a vacation with him.. i know were gonna have a few awesome talks while were there. <3 <3 <3


( if *YOU* love me you'll call while im gone.))
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